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The Group's experience dates back to the major expansion of the chemical
industry in the late 1950's, where principals of the Firm gained a unique view into the chemical industry. In the 1970's and early 1980's, focus was on the bulk petrochemical industry, working with multinational companies to move high volumes of product in the Pacific Rim countries. Based upon changing markets in the mid 1980's, much of the activity was shifted towards Latin America and Europe with a focus on Eastern Europe and the former Soviet Union. These markets demanded further flexibility in the areas of finance and counter-trade and spurred expansion into the project finance and development arena.

Today, as the global chemical industry is undergoing one of the most significant structural changes since its inception, The KAPLAN GROUP of Companies's partners have been divesting many international operations to provide capital and free up resources to focus on core investment opportunities within the chemical and related industries principally in the United States and Europe.

The KAPLAN GROUP of Companies's partners provide an invaluable resource for interpreting industry developments and global market conditions, in addition to providing a bridge to the Firm's network of relationships. The Firm's unrivaled global network of resources and financial expertise, include the Firm's: partners, clients, current and former management teams of our portfolio companies and senior executives with whom The KAPLAN GROUP of Companies has strategic relationships.


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