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Comprehensive Overview
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Investment Strategy

The KAPLAN GROUP of Companies uses its substantial basic materials and manufacturing industries expertise and network of contacts to identify, evaluate, and complete investments across the many sectors of the large and diverse basic materials and manufacturing industries. The KAPLAN GROUP of Companies makes investments on behalf of itself and its equity partners.

The KAPLAN GROUP of Companies is a fundamental value investor. We seek superior return on investment primarily through earnings growth and seek companies in which The KAPLAN GROUP of Companies resources can have a direct, positive impact on its financial performance. The KAPLAN GROUP of Companies seeks investments in established companies with strong management, favorable internal growth prospects, or potential for follow-on acquisitions when provided with the appropriate strategic guidance and sufficient capital resources. The KAPLAN GROUP of Companies uses it broad and deep experience in strategy, operations and finance to help companies develop clear and concise investment plans for implementing sophisticated business strategies.

After the initial investment, The KAPLAN GROUP of Companies will work closely with management on strategic planning and operations to enhance revenue growth and optimize operating results. This active collaboration leads to building value over the long term.

The KAPLAN GROUP of Companies utilizes its vast network to assist in positioning companies for growth. The KAPLAN GROUP of Companies has an extensive network of international industry experts, close relationships with other top-tier financial firms, and global investors to enhance the company’s position within its respective market place.


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