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Private Equity
Mezzanine Debt
Other Investment Structures

The KAPLAN GROUP of Companies has a flexible investment mandate and is willing to explore a variety of different investment structures. This includes the traditional equity and junior equity structures and also various debt and debt with equity linked combinations. In addition, The KAPLAN GROUP of Companies leverages its staff's extensive experience in a wide range of debt structures including securitization, trading, project finance, and other debt instruments to
develop the appropriate financing and investment mechanism to achieve the
company's objective and at the same time yield appropriate returns to

The KAPLAN GROUP of Companies provides equity to companies that have the ability to be leaders in their prospective markets.

We partner with companies that have unique products, markets and the potential to leverage assets. Companies that meet our investment criteria have

  • strong management teams
  • strong value propositions
  • significant market opportunities
  • attractive business models
  • easy to adopt products or services

The KAPLAN GROUP of Companies – Value

Value added:

The KAPLAN GROUP of Companies partners benefit from:

  • rigorous, analytical approach to due diligence and ongoing operations
  • strategic planning, with a focus on aggressive but realistic timetables for key goals
  • capital markets expertise
Experience: The The KAPLAN GROUP of Companies team uses its broad and deep experience in operations, finance and strategy consulting, to help companies develop clear and concise investment plans for implementing complex business strategies.
Network: We use our vast network to position companies for growth. Through The KAPLAN GROUP of Companies, our partners have access to:
  • international industry experts
  • relationships with other top-tier industry players, financial firms, corporate units and institutional investors, all based on extensive co-investment history
  • contacts and expertise of the investment teams and partnerships


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