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The KAPLAN GROUP of Companies invests in leveraged buyouts, recapitalizations and growth capital transactions across a wide range of chemical industry sectors. We look for companies in which sound strategy and superior execution can enhance revenues and cash flow.

As fundamental value investors, we seek superior return on investment primarily through earnings growth, as opposed to multiple arbitrage or financial engineering. We invest in a company when we believe we can have a direct, positive impact on its financial performance. Working in collaboration with management, we use our experience, intellectual capital, network and financial resources to enhance the value of the enterprise.

KAPITAL - Private Equity

Value added: We have expertise in:
  • strategic planning
  • operational improvements
  • acquisition strategy, execution and integration planning
  • capital markets

Partnership: Our philosophy of partnering with management is based on:
  • aligned incentives
  • collaborative approach to key strategic decisions
  • principles of trust and fairness

Experience: Our investment professionals have very extensive experience and proven success in private equity investing, as well as significant experience in operations, strategy consulting and investment banking. Our mix of experience and our diverse backgrounds enable us to operate comfortably within a variety of industry sectors and transaction situations.

Execution: We are able to execute transactions efficiently and effectively due to our:
  • streamlined decision process
  • flexible transaction structures
  • strong relationships with financing sources
  • experience in complex transactions

Equity Investment Criteria

The KAPLAN GROUP of Companies is interested primarily in acquiring businesses that it can help build through operating improvements and further acquisitions. In particular, the firm looks for: (a) companies with strong expansion opportunities, either internal or through acquisition; and (b) companies with a sound business foundation where a limited number of identifiable changes in operating practices or business strategy can substantially improve performance.

The KAPLAN GROUP of Companies focuses on businesses which share the following characteristics:

  • Small to middle market companies within the basic materials, manufacturing and related sectors.
  • Growing industry with predictable fundamentals.
  • Defensible market position with high entry barriers and switching costs.
  • Large, growing or specialized markets that are relatively immune to rapid technological obsolescence.
  • A strong business foundation which can serve as a platform for internal growth or acquisition.
  • A fragmented industry structure that facilitates growth both internally and through acquisitions.
  • Identifiable opportunities to add value through a limited number of operating improvements.

The KAPLAN GROUP of Companies has a strong industry focus and continuing interest in the organic and inorganic industries, ranging from the high value-added petro-chemical sector to the industrial mineral sector and basic manufacturing industries.


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