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Private Equity
Mezzanine Debt
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Although the KAPLAN GROUP of Companies primary focus is in private equity investments, the KAPLAN GROUP will invest in special situations in subordinated debt and other junior capital securities. We look to invest in a diverse portfolio of mezzanine securities to achieve attractive risk-adjusted rates of return. We aim to be the sole or lead investor, but will participate with other mezzanine debt investors in certain circumstances.

Typically, the investment team focuses on private and public middle market businesses with a history of cash flow stability, consistent top-line growth and a controlling or influential shareholder who has meaningful capital at risk. We also consider investments in dynamic, growing companies with experienced management and well-defined expansion strategies.

KAPITAL - Mezzanine

Speed: The KAPLAN GROUP of Companies is streamlined:
  • quick feedback and expedited due diligence, approval and closing
  • responsive investment committee—no third-party approvals are required.

Experience: The KAPLAN GROUP of Companies’ partners have a half century of experience.
 Flexibility: The KAPLAN GROUP of Companies has a flexible investment mandate and will invest in the following security types:
  • current pay or payment-in-kind subordinated debt with warrants
  • preferred stock with warrants
  • common equity (in conjunction with subordinated capital)



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